Welcome to the Fat Dog Blog!

The dead of winter.  Not a great time to launch a blog if you’re an oyster farm (broke my snowblower just moments ago).  Here goes, though.  Welcome to the Fat Dog Shellfish Blog! We encourage you to come back often for news on what we’re up to.  A lot of interesting things happen on the farm ranging from wildlife sightings, to interactions with the local boating population (umm, they’re water-skiing through the farm again), and minor personal injuries, which can be kind of funny if they happen to Bob.  This is our opportunity to clue you in to life on a New England Oyster farm and how we go about trying to grow the perfect oyster (you’ll let us know if you get tired of that tag-line please).  You’ll see posts from all three of us (Jay, Alex, and Bob) and get our unique perspective on aquaculture.  We hope you enjoy, and we welcome your feedback.


2 responses to “Welcome to the Fat Dog Blog!

  1. Congratulations! What a great website. So happy to hear of your new venture. Can’t wait to taste the little suckers.

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